Revisiting a Younger Self

There you are – 

grabbing hold of that

mutant boomerang of a 

video game controller,

eyes glued to 

radioactive gaming screen,

thumbs glued to the 

controller stick and A button,

blasting away at the forces 

of intergalactic evil 

with Fox McCloud in StarFox 64,

when all of a sudden,

it’s 3:30, and you are not

gonna miss Pokemon 

on the living room 

32-inch Panasonic.


You Rapidash your way

toward the living room couch,

diving with TV remote and 

black box remote in hands,

in the style of a Pidgeotto, 

spinning as you descend

towards the lumpy 

comfort for your fanny.

As you do, you turn on

both TV and black box –

with the channel already set! 

Nobody knows how 

you can be a cool kid after all.


You waited your entire day

to watch Pokemon. 


This is the time of day

you don’t have to worry

about trying to fit in.

Your fourth grade class

pretended to like you

for one day, and threw you 

in the dirt the next day.


It is the time of day

you aren’t the 

loneliest kid in recess –

playing kickball by yourself’s a drag.

You will later end up

rounding up other

Webster rejects

and shoot b-ball every day 

in fifth grade.


This is the time of day

you don’t think

about your dad

(Who will slip

into a seemingly 

unbreakable depression),

or all about

how hard your mom

is working to be able

to sustain the family

by herself,

only to witness the

statue of the woman

rust away.


But what can you do?

You’re nine years old.

You have some math,

science, and language arts

homework, but it can wait – 

it can all wait – 

just make sure 

you fit in

that healthy dosage

of Vitamin P

into your system,

and have fun

as you turn on,

tune in,

and drop out.


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