Random Shit IX (7/28/2012)

Oh my good golly gosh, big fish!
My jelly rolls can cause temporary paralysis
to every kind of pacifist.
You distracted me from playing ToeJam and Earl on my Sega Genesis.
How dare you, you butt dumpling? I’ll bounce you all over this edifice.
Roundhouse kicking you – Norris style, bitch! Physicists
would make case studies of my hits and your misses,
and it promises to be a pleaser. The analysis
would be quite fond. Nobody would be able to resist
laughing hard and feel embarrassed for you. I insist
you chillax a bit and eat a couple of fluffer nutter sandwiches.
If not, prepare to fall off the highest imaginable precipice
and brace yourself a hellish trip down the vacuum abyss.
Your neurological businesses will collapse and your wishes
will be dashed. I suggest you learn to coexist
with the truth. Trust me, and life will become a watery oasis.
No need for microanalysis or psychoanalysis
or worse: a urinalysis.
For fuck sake, big fish. We are romanticists
in our own rights. Why don’t we produce our own photosynthesis
and learn to breathe in, breathe out. This ain’t mitosis or meiosis;
nothing will be filled in your orifice. You smell like fish,
and it isn’t quite attractive. My, I’m quite an optimist.
I feel like I’m in a homeostasis when playing on my Genesis,
and after I kill and eat you, you vermin fish,
I’m gonna kick back and watch some Fresh Prince!


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