Random Shit X (11/25/2012)

Don’t think of it as an occupation.
Think of it as a proclamation
for immediate emancipation
from this indoctrination.
Slip yourself into meditation,
feel yourself rise to the occasion.
Once you are hit with the revelation,
it will be a heavy sensation.
Cool down and ease the frustrations.
Then feel yourself form a nation
amongst all aspects of yourself – one nation
under YOU, indivisible. Raise that nation
and become a soul leader in our generation.

Living in a state of universal desegregation –
no worries about having the complexion
for the protection
and the collection.
We would be all equal in this equation.
Society would no longer serve detention
due to the ever-failing institution
called our gov’t; we would be performing a decapitation
to the system, and a mighty transformation
would occur that will cause friction
among many of the subgroups in this nation.
There will be campaign called “Peace Domination,”
and you will lead the nation
with your mighty nation of emotions.


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